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# Schedule: Strategikonferensen – English [→ Program på svenska](https://pad.alltatalla.se/s/R5PpbI1se) [→ Back to the homepage](https://alltatalla.se/strategikonferens/) SATURDAY - **09:00 - 10:00** BREAKFAST - FOR MEMBERS ---- **10:00 - 13:00** WORKSHOP - FOR MEMBERS - ENGLISH → ABF Malmö. Spånehusvägen 47 **Next Five Years** Keir Milburn (GB) from the podcast #ACFM on Novara Media and the author of the book Generation Left is coming to Malmö and playing Next five years with us. A game about organization, social conflict and our power. Advance registration is required. **Managed by:** Red Plenty Games ---- **13:00 - 14:00** LUNCH - FOR MEMBERS → ABF Malmö. Spånehusvägen 47 ---- **14:00 - 14:45** OPEN - LECTURE - SWEDISH → ABF Malmö. Spånehusvägen 47 **THE OLD WORLD IS DYING BUT THE NEW ONE CANNOT YET BE BORN** In 2021, the Federation adopted an all-for-all strategy. It says that the union should become a social union. This point opens the Association's strategy conference with Daniel and Martin talking about the strategy, how it came about and why it is needed. ---- **15:00 - 15:45** OPEN - PANEL CONVERSATION → ABF Malmö. Spånehusvägen 47 **RISING PRICES AND THE VALUE OF MONEY.** What are our options as inflation and the cost of living rises to new levels? Come and hear how you can challenge the capitalist system. How unions and social unions can learn from each other and work together in this new era of class struggle. **Panel participants:** Solidarity builders, Matbaronen, Don't Pay, Li Eriksdotter Andersson **Moderator:** Anna Kallós ---- **16:00 - 16:45** OPEN - ENGLISH → ABF Malmö. Spånehusvägen 47 **DO NOT PAY** "Don't pay" was the immediate and massive response to the extreme increase in energy costs in the UK last year, a strike which organized more than 3 million people. Come and hear how we can learn from the campaign and in what ways their strategies and experiences can be used in new conflicts for social unions. **Led by:** Don't Pay (UK) ---- **15:00 - 15:45** OPEN PANEL CONVERSATION - ENGLISH → Malmö city archives: Auditorium. Bergsgatan 20 **PUSHING THE FRONTIERS FOR THE CLIMATE FIGHT** Our movements have tested and explored different strategies and tactics. What strategies have the potential to push the boundaries of what is politically possible and radicalize the existing movements, and how do we act in the crisis? **Panelists:** Leonor Canadas (Climáximo and Fermento) & Veronika (Take Back the Future) **Moderator:** Ulrika Winter ---- **16:00 - 17:30** OPEN - WORKSHOP – ENGLISH → Malmö city archives: Auditorium. Bergsgatan 20 **THEORIES OF CHANGE** Movements' goals and analyzes result in different strategies and tactics. How they understand change is important, this workshop focuses on theories of change and how to use them as well as conflict escalation. The tool that various "momentum-driven" movements have used in recent years. **Lead by:** Leonor Canadas - Climáximo and Fermento (PT) Fermento is a trainers’ collective based in Lisbon, Portugal. We facilitate trainings and workshops on organizing, strategy, communication and actions for social movements.We are an anti-capitalist, feminist and anti-racist collective. Our vision of activism is guided by the urgency for system change that the climate crisis imposes on us. ---- **18:30 - 19:00** OPEN - LECTURE – ENGLISH → Malmö city archives: Auditorium. Bergsgatan 20 **MUNICIPALISM IN PRACTICE** Barcelona en Comú changed the entire political scene in Barcelona when they took power in 2015. For eight years, the Citizen Platform has carried out political proposals for social justice and local participatory democracy. What is the outcome after their rule and what challenges do they face in opposition? **Headed by:** Barcelona en Comú ---- **19:00 - 19:45** OPEN - PANEL CONVERSATION – ENGLISH → Malmö city archives: Auditorium. Bergsgatan 20 **THE HOME AS A COMMUNITY - A NEW PATH FOR THE RIGHT TO THE CITY.** Against well-organized landlords and their financial powers, we need to find new ways and strategies. How do we create a strategy strong enough to liberate the home and challenge the elites who rule our cities? **Panelists:** IL Berlin, Eva Betavatzi (EAC) and Barcelona en Comú, Olof (Allt åt alla) **Moderator:** Ana (Allt åt alla) ---- SUNDAY - **9:30 - 10:00** → ABF Malmö. Spånehusvägen 47 BREAKFAST - FOR MEMBERS ---- **10:00 - 12:00** FOR MEMBERS – DISCUSSION – SWEDISH → ABF Malmö. Spånehusvägen 47 **OUR POWER AND WAYS TO MOVE FORWARD** What are the strike actions of our social union? Who are our enemies and how do we attack them? Who are our friends and how do we defend ourselves? In this final session, we gather our discussions about practices for our social union - Förbundet Allt åt alla ---- **12:00 - 13:00** → ABF Malmö. Spånehusvägen 47 LUNCH - FOR MEMBERS ---- **13:00 - 14:45** OPEN – WORKSHOP – ENGLISH → Malmö's city archive: The corridor. Bergsgatan 20 **EXPERIENCES OF THE “RIGHT TO THE CITY” ACTIVISM IN EUROPE** In this workshop, the EAC will analyze recent years of European housing organization, methods used and efforts made for the right to the city. Here you can participate in discussions about a common way forward. **Headed by:** European Action Coalition for the right to housing and the city (EU)